Straining it really necessary?

Straining ensures the best quality finish: Even the highest quality paints contain curing agents that can cause particles to form during packaging and shipping. And, your leftover paints have probably accumulated dirt and debris. Whether you're using new paint or older, leftover paint, these contaminates should be filtered out to ensure a smooth finish.

Straining paint reduces wear on spray equipment: Any dirt, debris or dried particles can plug and damage airless paint sprayers. Straining protects spray equipment from damage, reduces wear on seals/packing and reduces plugged tips and filters.

New, E.P.A. compliant paint formulas contain more silicas and clay which are harder on spray equipment. Straining your paints will not only ensure consistency, but will also reduce the wear on your equipment.

Why a strainer in a box?

Hands-Free straining: Our unique, box-styled frame is designed to hold your paint cans/buckets upside-down so that the paint drains and strains hands-free.

No mess to handle and safe disposal of strained residue: Our unique, patented, box-style frame folds to enclose the mess of strained paint residues until dry. This helps the user to comply with E.P.A. and O.S.H.A. guidelines regarding the proper handling and disposal of strained paint residue.

Problems with bag-strainers:

Bag-strainers are messy to use: Straining the old way, with in-the-bucket bag strainers, is messy. Period. Often, they fall into the bucket while in use. This requires removing the bag and then using another to strain the product again for likely secondary contamination. Not to mention the extra time spent cleaning up drop cloths, hands and buckets. In the end, you will have needlessly wasted time and money. When you use SuperStrainer, your work areas will be cleaner and your disposal and clean up time, in most cases, will be cut in half! And, best of all, your project will have that smooth, flawless finish that only SuperStrainer can give you. Skip the stress, skip the mess...put SuperStrainer to the test!

Bag strainers have no safe disposal: Bag strainers are often rinsed out before being disposed of. This practice can contaiminate thousands of gallons of water when allowed to flow into storm drains and sewers. Health and Environmental issues have become of such grave concern that federal and local watch groups like O.S.H.A and the E.P.A have teamed up with municipal building, health and safety inspectors as well as concerned neighbors, to report persons who wash paint down sewer drains and into waterways. If reported, whether you're a contractor, homeowner or otherwise, you could be fined up to $25,000.